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I am a tattoo artist, I've been tattooing 15 yrs and in many states. I'm currently @ the Death and Taxes Tattoo Studio located in Lubbock,TX 1943 19th st.

I'm willing to tattoo you any day of the week and answer any questions you may have.

I have a dedication to giving my clients the best n most creative art possible and any advice and information at anytime you need it. I also believe that you get what you pay for, if you go to a friend with a "gun" and getting a sleeve for 50$ you cant be mad when your tattoo is jacked up. I wont give you a 50$ sleeve but I will give you an awesome sleeve [ or whatever you may want ] for a very reasonable flat rate or hourly from 35 to 50 per hour.

   It doesnt matter if you dont know exactly what you want or cant draw it thats my job and I take pride in what i create and focus on taking it to another level with each piece. I will work with you until its to your satisfaction. DON'T settle for the same old same


I am dedicated to providing quality tattoos and customer service. I am a tattooist that stands by my work and with me saying the tattooing is my specialty the aftercare will be yours. Your Tattooist cannot go home with you and babysit each client to make sure they take proper care of their new tattoo so I and 90% of other Tattooists ive worked with provide written and verbal aftercare instructions with what to put on it and what not to do.

      You should take these instructions to heart because its not just the artists reputation but your health at stake also.

      I know depending on your job and lifestyle you may not be able to be as loving to your new art as I would like but there are basic things that you MUST NOT do {see video and FAQ} and if you do them you will not get a free touch up But if you take care as instructed I will touch your tattoo up for FREE and in a timely manner.

Please post your experience and questions so I will know what im doing right and wrong with my customer service and I will improve because without you the client no Tattooist could tattoo

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